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On Road Media

On Road Media was set up in 2008 to tackle social problems by taking a very different approach to communications work for the third sector.

“We provide in-depth support for people with experience of social issues to carry out media and influencing work safely and strategically. We don’t just reach people who are systematically excluded, we work hand in hand with them to create change, developing ways to support people who want to tell their own stories and share their expertise. From self care and boundaries, to shaping narratives and payment, we have become the go-to organisation for guidance.

We take a relationship-based approach to communications. Journalists are people too, with prejudices and rich emotional lives. It is far more effective to provide them with safe, convenient spaces to build relationships with people to change the way they feel. This leads to sustainable changes in practice and motivation to create better media content with the support of our networks.

Central to our projects is evidence-backed framing. We use the best available communications research to inform our practices in training, peer support sessions and interactions with journalists. We bring sector leaders together, people with lived experience together, to work with framing insights collaboratively.

This approach is used with all the sectors we work with – sexual and domestic violence, migration, poverty, palliative care, LGBTQ and climate.”

Nicola Parker

Nicola Parker is a coaching and HR consultant with expertise across the Refugee and Migration Sector.

“I am passionate that organisational cultures, management approaches and workplace practices enable individuals (an organisations most valuable resource) to thrive and grow. I enjoy working collaboratively with leaders & charities across the Refugee & Migration sector where I can add value through my HR, charity leadership & coaching expertise.

Over the last 20 years, I have worked to ensure the HR practices I develop and advocate seek to see the individual in front of me as so much more than a ‘human resource’.

I strongly believe conversations that use coaching skills create the best conditions for individual development and empowerment – applicable to how we show up & support staff, volunteers and beneficiaries. I help individuals navigate change & challenge
through 1:1 coaching as well as supporting the development of coaching skills and Coaching & HR Consultancy capabilities in others through delivering training and workshops.

I was part of the senior leadership team of a national refugee charity for over a decade and am currently a trustee for ASAP (Asylum Support Appeals Project).

I am a member of the CIPD and ICF, and are a trained coach..”

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