Trust in Crisis Project – Woolf Institute

Trust is of the utmost significance in a crisis situation and today. Europeans are regularly told by the media and political leaders that they are facing a number of crises, such as the ‘security crisis’ or the ‘migration crisis’ because of an influx of refugees or a ‘social crisis’ because of the consequences of austerity in […]

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Laamiga – women’s training and mentoring

It’s Saturday morning and Laamiga’s Step-Up to IT class is going on at the Training Link in central London. There’s the familiar ambience, the chatter of the women, different languages spoken at the same time, the delicious refreshments spread out on the table, and the kettle is boiling. A learner is explaining what has been […]

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Brighton Table Tennis Club

  Working with refugees and migrants is at the centre of Brighton Table Tennis Club’s (BTTC) mission. It is the first sports club in the UK to be awarded Club of Sanctuary status for its work with 15 unaccompanied refugee minors during the last 18 months from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Kurdistan and Vietnam. The […]

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Maryhill Integration Network

Maryhill Integration Network (MIN) brings communities together through arts and cultural projects, offering participants, a chance to learn new skills, make social connections, and share experiences, helping to improve their lives and the life of the community. MIN’s main activities include a carefully designed, and user-led, weekly programme of activities focusing on community involvement, participation, […]

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South London Liberal Synagogue

It’s been an amazing last couple of weeks. We sent nearly 40 people to the London Citizens Mayoral assembly which called on whoever became mayor to support, among other things, a Deputy Mayor with responsibility for facilitating integration of new immigrants. Many of us have come as immigrants or have family members who came as […]

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Islington Law Centre

The Law as a Tool for Community Empowerment The Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offender’s Act 2012 has been a travesty for access to justice. As the lack of legal aid has undermined providing genuine equality of arms before the law, it has forced many of us to rethink how we work with vulnerable […]

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The Refugee Journalism Project

The Migrants Resource Centre and The London College of Communication (LCC) are delivering an exciting and unique project. The Refugee Journalism Project aims to help refugees who had successful journalism careers in their country of origin to re-establish their journalism careers in the UK as they face significant barriers yet, their contribution to the industry […]

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What it takes to be a migrant entrepreneur I am Brazilian by birth and British by choice. For 12 years I ran a property business, helping migrant find flatshares when moving to London. I sold the business in 2014. In August 2015, I started a charitable project – Migrant Business Accelerator – with a mission: […]

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Music in Detention

“It’s weird to think that I live a couple of miles away from it, but I don’t even know it’s there.” Michael*, a teenager from Witney, Oxfordshire, was talking about Campsfield House Immigration Removal Centre, a bland brick building surrounded by high fencing. Previously, Michael didn’t know it existed, never mind that it housed up […]

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Laamiga Women’s Mentoring and Training

Saturday was another Laamiga drop-in/knitting day in Islington. I wasn’t sure whether Fatima would turn up, but there she was, sitting in the garden with the other women with knitting needles in her hands and a ball of joyfully coloured wool on her lap. She was laughing – something she has not done much recently. […]

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