How it all started

The Awards were set up for community benefit in 2016 by MigrationWork Trust – the beneficiary of MigrationWork CIC, a not-for-profit consultancy.

The Trust aims to promote social inclusion for the public benefit by preventing migrants from becoming socially excluded and assisting them to integrate successfully into the communities into which they settle.

In 2014 the Trust began to develop the idea of an awards scheme to recognise work that:

> Promotes the local/neighbourhood to the national

> Improves public perception of migration.

> Involves migrant communities linking up with settled communities or statutory services to carry out activities in their common interest and for public benefit.

What do we mean by integration

Integration means equal access for all residents – whether locally-born or migrants from another country – to all the spheres of activity which together enable that community to develop and flourish. From finding a home or a job, to cultural life, healthcare or civic activism: in the integrated city or town, all will be open on equal terms to everyone. All have a stake in that locality, and it belongs to them all.

Never has this been more important. Even before Covid-19, communities up and down the country were grappling with huge challenges to integration: deep cuts to our public services, more precarious forms of work, growing inequalities, and the rapid pace of social and technological change. The pandemic has merely exposed and entrenched many of these issues.

Gardening Club at Maryhill Integration Network
2016 Grassroots Champions

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