What makes migration work?

Who makes it happen?

The Community Integration Awards reward best practice in community integration and cohesion across the UK.

We want to influence the immigration debate by highlighting positive examples of people doing vital work in their communities which has allowed migrants, refugees, and host communities to flourish.

This year the annual award focuses on community groups, charities and social enterprises working on the social and economic integration of refugees and migrants in the UK.

We backup our promotion of grassroots work with a Tech & Innovation Champion and a Research Champion.

How it all started

The initiative was set up for community benefit in 2016 by MigrationWork Trust – the beneficiary of MigrationWork CIC, a not-for-profit consultancy.

The Trust aims to promote social inclusion for the public benefit by preventing new migrants from becoming socially excluded and assisting them to integrate successfully into the communities into which they settle.

The Trust works with local host communities to encourage them to be more accepting of, and engaged with, migrant communities so that integration can benefit both. Building processes to develop and enable good citizenship will be to the benefit of all members of the community.

In 2014 the Trust began to develop the idea of an awards scheme to recognise work that:

• Promotes the local/neighbourhood to the national.
• Involves migrant communities linking up with host communities or statutory services to carry out activities in their common interest and for public benefit.
• Improves public perception of migration.

The Community Integration Awards was launched in 2016 with a successful launch event at the Fashion and Textile Museum. The Awards consisted of three categories; Grassroots, Larger Organisations and Media Champions. Click here to learn more about the 2016 winners

Who we are

Bella Kosmala

Project Manager

Bella developed and ran the 2016
Community Integration Awards and
continues to manage the project in 2017.

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Momtaz Rahman

Development Manager

Momtaz came onboard in 2017 and
manages partnerships and sponsorships
for the Community Integration Awards.

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MigrationWork Trustees

Sue Lukes

MigrationWork CIC

Steve Lord

MigrationWork CIC

Alice Klein


Rachel Marangozov

MigrationWork CIC

Sandra Penaloza Rice

Migrants Supporting Migrants

Devan Kanthasamy

Tamil Housing Association

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